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The Current Project
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Gallery-18 - Duesenberg

Final assembly follows normal practice as found with the other

models here, all parts are bolted together, with the bolts either

concealed under the next part to be assembled or hidden, as

being part of something else, such as the inside door handles to

the side doors.  These do not act as door openers, but in fact are

fitted with a thread on the inside to hold the panels in place. 

When considering the model as a whole, is the time to note where

these final attachment points may be placed, the last thing one

wants is a load of phillips screw heads all over the place such as

one sees on the so call Chinese ‘Collectables’, which otherwise

do not look too bad from a distance, but could never be mistaken

for the real thing in a photo, which for me is the ultimate accolade.

The door handles on the out side of each door do actually work

with spring catches, to give a nice click when closing.

The rumble seat is assembled from the underside with the two

pivot pins held in place with spring clips.  The catch requires just a

light pressure to lock in place, and a slight pressure on the back edge will release it to allow the seat to open and fall back into a natural position.

The chromed louvre panels clip under a ledge built in at the top on the inside, and are locked in place with screw threads on the handles and lock plates.


Next month I return to the third and final model of the Falls of Clyde - a waterline model fully rigged with sails furled and at anchor.


For those looking for more information on the construction of the Falls of Clyde, I am running a ‘Log’ on the building of it on the ‘Model Ship World’ web site.

Check out < > and search for ‘Falls of Clyde’

Most of the photos will  be the same as here, but there will I hope be more insight into the actual working of the materials and building of the model.

Four photos are added at the start of each month and relevant text on the building.  It should be running for a considerable time to come, and hopefully will not repeat what I have here too much.