1933  Derham Tourster J Duesenberg


This new Gallery illustrates the start of my final set of four Duesenberg miniatures - the following three, over the next 6 months, being for my own collection - the fourth, a chassis, to complete the collection has been covered before so will not be covered again here.  All are unique in some way, from the six created over the past 40 years for other collectors.  In this case, this being the only miniature of ‘J.504’,  two tone green with the top shown in the up position, the other six all show the top folded in the down position.

The top is formed from a sheet of annealed copper, worked with hammers over a hard wood former.  The bows are formed from flat nickel silver and laminated pear wood, that is finished with a clear varnish.  The top has a small tongue formed at the rear, that sits in a corresponding  slot in the body behind the rear seat.  The front bar of the top, is provided with two small holes that match the two pins that form the top of the front screen.  The assembly is held in place by two knurled screws at the base of the bows, close by the rear doors.

For me this is one of the few open body styles, where the folding top looks equally good with it up or down.