1932  Rollston Convertible Victoria J Duesenberg


The original finish was platinum with a metallic sheen, which in the 1930’s was obtained by mixing ground up fish-scales with a clear lacquer , this was before true metallic paints were available.  After much experimentation,  I found that mixing a light grey Mica eye shadow with a clear cellulose lacquer, sprayed over a light grey gloss coat of cellulose, provided the sudo metallic finish that I was looking for.  The  Mica mix needs to be kept on the move while in the spray gun, as it does tend to settle out, at which point it is difficult to match, one part with another.  The actual finish rather than looking like aluminium paint, has a very fine speckled texture, the sheen coming from the crystalline nature of the Mica, which is the same effect that the ground fish scale gave.