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September 2017

A couple of years back I was talking with a collector of my work, who told me that he liked to copy off, all the build photos from my web site, relevant to the cars in his collection, to make a portfolio of the photos for each miniature to remind him of the work involved in creating them.  He has a P3 Alfa Romeo of mine and asked me when I was going to put up a set of photos to show it’s build, I was surprised, as I was sure that a build Gallery for the P3 went up years ago, as it was among the first half dozen miniatures that I had built - but sure enough when I checked it out, there it was, missing.

I was just completing the eleventh model of this 1932 Alfa Romeo Monoposto - better known as the P3, this being for my own collection, and had not thought to take any photos, thinking all the time that it had already been done.  The first two models were in fact built way back in 1977 .  So not wishing to disappoint I photographed the final stages of the last model to be built, and you will see them in the final two Galleries of the  ‘P3 Alfa Romeo Build’ starting this month.

I did recall taking photos of the first build, so looked them out and I was pleased to find that although they are almost all in black and white - film in those days - I did have a set that covered almost everything. In those far off days I processed all my own B&W films, not being able to afford colour - this being well before the age of all things digital.

I think that they are interesting for several reasons, and am pleased to put them together as a start of this Build Gallery.

Firstly they show the first P3 engine patterns being created, later used for the 2.9 Alfa Romeos, with a bell housing in place of the gear box - that on those cars is integral with the back axle.  Apart from the Bugatti Type 41 engine, I have never covered before the creation of the engines, because those used on the miniatures are all cast in Pewter, better able to portray the aluminium castings of the originals.   Almost all of the original masters of these were made very early on, before I had given a thought to have a web site,  Also we see the newly made Louvre Press covered last month, this being made specially for the P3 because of the proliferation of differing lengths of louvres on that car.  Also to be seen is a breakdown of the very interesting back axle of the P3,  and the patterns and moulds created for this first model, and still used forty years on, to complete the final miniature.

It should also be interesting to compare the first with the last of these miniatures, being forty years apart.  I think having established my work form very early on, it has served me well, in that I have had to change very little in technique and or tooling, so that all of my work is very consistent as to detailing  and quality of finish.  I still use the same cellulose paints that I started with, that were used to finish the actual full size cars in their time.


An After Sales Service to my book readers

Should you have found inspiration, ideas, or just picked up new techniques from my books, plans, and/or web site Galleries, and have photos of your work built as a result, and would like to give me the honor of showing them to others here, please drop me a line, and I will let you know how to proceed.


NOTE - Very poor photo copies of some of my books (among a number of others) have been sold on eBay as originals, and eBay, up to this point in time, are protecting the criminals, even though they have ample evidence of my copyright infringement. Should any one have had dealings with- Nicholas Thomas alias - phantomoftheauction09 - and/or  Michael Thomas alias plaininspain9 - or anyone else passing off fake copies of my books, I would be most pleased to hear from them.  eBay UK have now removed both of the above individuals, from their web site, but will not, as yet, provide me with the details I need to put them permanently out of business.  Until they do my advice is DO NOT SHOP FOR BOOKS ON eBAY-UK - Go to AMAZON and get satisfaction.


I am often asked about the availability of plans.  The following web sites have been brought to my attention, and I am pleased to pass them on here. Some of my own plans are available in my books.  For details, click on the ‘Books’ button on the ‘Home Page’



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